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Nico Madry

Software Engineer ( Java / Spring boot )

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I am an enthusiastic software engineer based in Germany with a passion for building fast and modern microservice applications. Designing software architecture tailored to the needs of the application, with clean code and maintainability in mind are some of my favorite tasks.

How I got into programming

Video games introduced me into the world of programming, because I was so curious about the inner working of those. Curiously I started researching how they work and what programming languages are. My first own steps in programming started with Visual Basic 6 .NET. After writing basic example programs such as a simple calculator through an introduction book, the journey continued with bash scripts and C#.

My portfolio


1996Born in Trier, Germany.
2013Finished my high school ( German: Realschule ) scholarship with a GPA of 2.1
2016Completed my apprenticeship in software development at the ZIMK branch of the University Trier.
2016 to 2019Worked at Felten GmbH.
MES and SAP focused product development.
2019 to presentWorking at Finologee.
Finance sector specialized product development.

I ♥

Art, Music, Video games, My cats, Horse riding, Climbing

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