In this part we will look into the security of the project and the admin interface. This will include working with the database of the project. Let’s jump into it. [HttpPost] public ActionResult Login(ldapModels model, string ReturnUrl) { // Kontrollieren ob der Nutzer im AD eingetragen ist if (Membership.ValidateUser(model.UserName, model.Password)) […]

ASP.NET MVC project (part 2)

Hello everyone, here I am again and this time with an post. Let me explain what this is about, this time I will show you a project I did for my work and I will change some informations and details which contain informations about my workplace. Let’s start with […]

ASP.NET MVC project (part 1)

This is a little program I wrote in the first months of my apprenticeship. We have a department for installing all computers on the university, and those computers need their drivers to work propeerly. Because some computers don’t want to work as we want them to, we have to search […]

Driver Downloader

Selfmade Gamebot with C# NOTE: Do not use this bot to cheat in the game. This is for educational purposes only! Hello to this little series where I will describe how I made a little Bot for an Android game I liked to play. The game is called “Panzersturm” in […]

Androidgame Bot

My first and very little showcase will be my newest developement, while I was waiting for my domain to be registered and active, Comment Reminder. This little tool is in an early stage but I think it will help me to improve and get rid of an bad habbit of […]

Old habbits die hard